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Don’t Be Afraid To Leave Your Deceased Loved Ones Behind

Don’t Be Afraid To Leave Your Deceased Loved Ones Behind.

One of the strongest human instincts is to take our dead with us when we move from one place to another.

We don’t want our ancestors to be by themselves or forgotten. If we have to move, we still want to be able to visit the graves of our deceased relatives. And, everyone wants to go “home” when they die.

I have always thought the U.S. World War II Military Cemetery in Normandy France is one of the loneliest places in the world.  The brave troops who gave their lives for our country never had an opportunity to come home and did not rest among their “people.” I cannot imagine the heartbreak of parents whose children have been buried in France and whose graves were inaccessible. Since World War II, the U.S. Military changed its practices and no longer leaves the fallen behind. Whenever possible, fallen service members are recovered and their remains are brought home.

Modern society creates painful choices for families that move from one part of the country to another.  Families that move within the U.S. know that, for all practical purposes, when they move they are leaving their dead behind.

I know that when I moved from New York to Florida this was a consideration for my wife and me. We knew that it would be unlikely that we would visit the final resting place of our relatives more than one or two times before we, ourselves, are buried in Florida.  We have lived in Florida for more than 13 years but we continue to feel that in some way we have abandoned our relatives and betrayed their trust.

Families can avoid this hard choice by choosing cremation rather than burial.

Cremation allows families to bring their dead with them from location to location.  Cremains are lightweight, easily transportable, and fully mobile.

Orange-N-Silver-Urn-WEB Don't Be Afraid To Leave Your Deceased Loved Ones Behind

Urns are cost-effective and beautiful. If more than one family member wants to possess cremains, multiple urns and keepsakes can be used. No one should ever be forced to leave the dead behind.

Cremation is the key to solving this problem.

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