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Cremation Myths Busted – “Low-Cost” Cremation Services

The Dayton Daily News has published a great article about Cremation Myths Busted – “Low-Cost” Cremation Services.

Watch Out For Gotcha’s and Maybe Deals

I think that the most important advice that the Dayton Daily News gave readers was to know what they are purchasing and to watch out for “gotcha fees”.

We do not charge gotcha fees: no ethical company does. So, be a smart consumer and always, ask lots of questions.

Also, the Dayton Daily News discussed the cost of urns.  They accurately pointed out that many urns can be purchased at Costco, Walmart, or Amazon for $40 to $90.  This is not necessarily the cheapest route to go.  At Sunshine Cremation we provide all customers a complimentary premium urn that has a retail value of at least $50 and a choice of other premium urns that can be purchased for between $65 and $85.  We offer other “specialty urns”.

Cremation Cost Estimator

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