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Cremation Popularity Is Growing!

According to the 2018 National Funeral Directors Associate Cremation and Burial Report, increasing numbers of families are choosing cremation over burial. The national and local trends are unmistakable and irrefutable.

The reasons behind the relative increase in cremation are primarily cost and convenience. Cremation is simply less expensive and provides many more options for families to honor their loved ones.

As the below chart illustrates, by 2035 cremation rates are expected to overwhelm burial rates as burial falls to below 20% of all deaths.

Florida consumers are not an exception to the increasing preference for cremation.

By 2035 it is projected that only 4.70% of deaths occurring in Florida will result in in-state burial. The rest will be cremated or transferred to other states for cremation or burial.

Florida-Projected-Cremation-and-Burial-Rates Is Cremation A Popular Practice?e

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