Sea Scattering? How To Choose The Right Urn

Wind. Surf. Current.

The ocean is an important element in South Florida life. Many find the sea a meaningful place to scatter the cremated remains of their loved ones.

People imagine a sea scattering on a quiet and peaceful beach. They picture an event that is respective and impactful. Unfortunately, wind, surf, and current can turn a calming and contemplative moment into an emotional fiasco.

Sea Scattering On The Beach

People perform a sea scattering by shaking the cremated remains into the water. But as soon as the cremated remains leave the scattering cremation urn, the slightest wind takes the fine ash and blows it around. The ashes are ingested, breathed in, or cover the clothes of those who are present for the scattering!

Sea Scattering In The Ocean

Some think that going out on a boat will take care of the sea scattering problems. Since a boat is not stationary, the problems created by wind and current are worse. As the boat moves in the wind and current, it is more difficult than on land to avoid having cremains blown back in the faces of those present.

Eco-Water Scattering Cremation Urn Is The Solution

Sunshine Cremation Services has a fantastic alternative for sea scattering. The Eco Water-Scattering Cremation Urn eliminates the risk of an important emotional event becoming a debacle.

Eco-friendly & all natural made from recycled plant materials, without glues. Comes with a handmade bamboo urn case for transport and ceremonies. Proprietary design controls float/dissolve time and allows for use with any amount of cremated remains.

The Eco Water-Scattering Cremation Urn comes in a bamboo carrying case containing a white buoy-like urn. When you want to scatter the ashes, you place, the white buoy urn is placed in water. The urn floats, and within a few minutes, the bottom of the buoy urn dissolves and releases the cremated remains into the water. Shortly later, the entire cremation urn dissolves. During the event, participants can pray, reflect on the deceased or be contemplative.

Maintaining Dignity

The Eco Water-Scattering Cremation Urn is a natural, beautiful, and dignified way to perform a water scattering.

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