How Are Cremation Ashes Returned To The Family

If I could design a set of procedures that intentionally caused anxiety and insecurity, I don’t think I could design a more anxiety provoking process than the standard cremation process. 

Loved ones are most often taken away, never to be seen again, and then ashes are returned to the family.  Families have no realistic way of knowing if the ashes that are returned to them are those of their loved one and, instead, are asked to simply trust the cremation services provider to “do the right thing.”

This is in contrast to an old-fashioned burial where the family can visually confirm that their loved one is inside the casket. 

I have some good news – trusting a licensed cremation services provider to do the right thing is actually a pretty good bet.  While anything can happen, cremation service providers almost uniformly take their responsibilities seriously and take every reasonable step to ensure that the right cremains are returned to correct family. 

Sunshine Cremation is not an exception to the industry standard. 

We use a detailed series of internal controls, logbooks and identification tags (some of which are metal and not destroyed or damaged during the cremation process) to ensure that the correct cremains are returned to the correct family. 

So, have no fear…the cremains returned to you are going to be your loved one. 

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