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Cremation Provides Families With Choices

Among the most important reasons to choose cremation over a traditional burial is the flexibility in funeral service options provided by cremation. Many of these funeral service options may have little or no cost while still providing a meaningful opportunity to say “goodbye” to a loved one who has passed.

Among the types of funeral service options that cremation provides include:

No Funeral or Memorial Service Option

The most popular funeral service option provided by cremation is not to have a funeral or memorial service. No funeral or memorial service is a valid option for many families, including those that have already said goodbye to their loved ones before death.

Immediate Family Viewing Followed by Cremation

Typically, up to 10 members of the immediate family attend a viewing of the deceased, which may last for several hours. This option provides an intimate and meaningful opportunity for the immediate family to say goodbye to their loved one.

Immediate Family Viewing Including Religious Service Followed by Cremation

The clergy can perform a religious service for the deceased at the viewing. For example, Catholic Priests often perform last-rites during family viewing.

Viewing/Wake Attended By Many People Followed by Cremation

This option is like an old-fashioned wake where the deceased is fully clothed, typically embalmed, and placed in a rental coffin. Many mourners attend the viewing/wake, but there is no religious service.

Full Funeral Service Followed by Cremation

The funeral service is often officiated by the clergy. The deceased is fully clothed, embalmed, and placed in a rental coffin. The service may take place in a funeral home, church, synagogue, or other chapel facilities.

Cremation Followed by Memorial Service

The option provides an opportunity for families to say goodbye to their loved ones after cremation. The deceased may or may not be present in an urn. Also, the clergy is not needed to officiate. This alternative has several advantages, including not requiring a funeral director to be present, the ability to perform the memorial service in a remote location and at any time, and low cost. Memorial services after cremation provide ultimate flexibility because they can be outdoors, in the deceased’s favorite place, or in many locations and times.

Sunshine Cremation Services can assist families with all the above funeral and memorial service options.

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