How To Avoid Funeral And Cremation Scams

Learn The Do’s And Don’ts

Purchasing a funeral or cremation for yourself, or a loved one, is vastly different than all other consumer purchases. The combination of grief, fear and loss makes everyone vulnerable.

Unscrupulous funeral directors regularly take advantage of customer vulnerability to take advantage of customers.

They use high-pressure sales techniques designed to trick people into purchasing things that they don’t need or want. The most effective sales techniques don’t come off as “pushy” but still result in customers overpaying, and sometimes by thousands of dollars.

So, how do you know if the funeral home workers are trying to take advantage of you? Well, AARP published a great article on funeral scams that you should read and takes its suggestions seriously.

Even so, I have another sure-fire way to determine if the funeral home or cremation services provider is trying to take advantage of you.

Carefully check what the funeral director tells you to see if he/she is lying.

How can you tell if a funeral home is lying?

First, check their web site and on-line advertisements. If the price you are quoted in person isn’t the same as the price advertised, they are lying and you should go somewhere else. And, even a little price difference is a big deal.

So, for example, if a funeral home advertises or quotes one price, but then you find out that the price did not include certain necessary items (such as permits and fees), the funeral home lied. My advice is to get out as quickly as possible and hire another funeral home.

If you need additional pointers on how to avoid funeral home fraud, simply call Sunshine Cremation Services at (561) 285-4158. We will listen to you and help you no matter what.

Mark Sunshine

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