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What’s The Cost of a Memorial Celebration Of Life?

It’s Too Expensive

Almost every day we are asked, “Do I have to have a funeral service after I die?  After all, it is so expensive…”

Our answer is “It is fine to do whatever you feel comfortable doing.  However, cost should not be a factor in the decision.” 

Cost is never a good reason not to have a service, especially since the cost of a celebration of life memorial service can be minimal. 

Such a service can be held in a home, on a beach, at the top of a mountain, in a field of flowers, or wherever there is a meaningful connection to the deceased or his/her family. 

Concentrate on the Celebration Not The Cost

Instead, of worrying about the cost, we urge families to concentrate on what is going to take place at the celebration of life memorial service. 

The planning of such a service should be very intentional and detailed.  By concentrating upon the emotions of loss and grieving, and the memory of the departed, a celebration of life memorial service can reinforce family connections in a meaningful and impactful manner while providing closure for those most in need of a logical ending point to the grieving process. 

Strong family relationships do not require a lot of money.  Instead, family ties require emotional effort and forethought. 

Celebration Of Life Planning Tips

I have a few additional tips for families considering a celebration of life memorial service. 

  • After cremation, do not hold the service at a funeral home.  Post-cremation, there is no reason to step foot back in the funeral home.  Funeral homes are not places of life and therefore not the best place to hold a celebration of life memorial service.  Instead, choose a place of life that reminds you of the deceased and good times. 
  • There is no need to pay a funeral director to do anything in connection with a celebration of life memorial service.  Once your loved one has been cremated, there is no legal requirement for a funeral director to be present. 
  • We strongly recommend having quality clergy officiate.  The role of good clergy is to act as a master of ceremonies and lead the service both from a spiritual and practical point of view.  Quality clergy are caring and patient and are experts at leading such events. 

One of the greatest gifts that someone who is facing death can do for their family is to consent to a celebration of life memorial service so that their family can achieve closure and come a little closer together emotionally. 

Luckily, the process of cremation provides the flexibility to have a celebration of life memorial services that are meaningful, impactful, and cost-effective. 

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