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Grief Counseling and the Enduring Burden of Loss

I have suffered the loss of close family members, and, while I have gotten used to the passing of my loved ones, I have never gotten over it.

Some days, it seems to me that the funerals of my parents, Aunts and Uncles, Nephew and close friends were just yesterday, and I am overwhelmed with sadness. Other days I remember the good times and I can cope.

For me, the memories are a burden I will carry for the rest of my life. It is a weight that will never go away. I am used to these memories and emotions but they never leave me.

I believe that the burden of loss is similar to being forced to carry heavy rocks for the rest of my life. The constant question is will these rocks drag me down, or can I put and arrange these sharp, heavy and difficult to carry emotional objects in an “emotional backpack” and that I can carry with grace, dignity, and strength.

Over time and with the help of grief counselors, I have learned how to carry my emotional backpack. Grief counselors have helped me arrange the heavy emotional rocks so they hurt less and taught me to be emotionally stronger.

When I meet grieving families, I try to guide them to grief counseling so that they can learn to carry their emotional burdens with less pain and more strength.

I explain sometimes we all need help and there is no shame in asking for it, particularly after the loss of a loved one.

Call Sunshine Cremation Services so we can guide you to a grief counselor that can help you learn, as I did, to carry your burdens.

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