Keys to a successful water scatter.

Keys to a successful water scatter.

Almost every day we are asked about water scattering of ashes.  

We know that water scattering can be a meaningful and impactful way to say goodbye to your loved one. 

But, we also know that water scattering can be a disaster.  

Wind, current, and waves often do not cooperate, and the cremains are blown, pushed, and drift back to the person doing the scattering. Family members inhale, digest, or are coated with the remains of their loved ones. Tears and anguish usually follow.  

We want to be clear; we believe in water scattering…but only if done correctly.  

Fortunately, some alternatives virtually guarantee a great experience.  

First, we need to talk about laws and regulations related to water scattering.  

In Florida water scattering is legal anywhere there is saltwater. On the other hand, it is illegal to water scatter in freshwater.  

On the east coast of Florida, saltwater is found in the intercoastal and the ocean.  

Avoid the ocean!  

Waves, currents, and wind make water scattering almost always a fiasco.  

And don’t think that you will avoid these problems if you go out on a boat. The issues are usually worse on a boat.  

Our recommendation is to stick to the intercoastal and find a park where there are mangroves and other natural growth connecting land to water. The current will be more predictable and wind will be buffered by the trees. Further, waves should not exist. For example, in Boca Raton Gumbo Limbo park is perfect.  

Once you have your location scouted out, the next most important thing to consider is the urn.  

You can use any urn that has an open-top to shake the cremains into the water.  

However, for a small amount of money, you can purchase a bio-degradable urn that floats away and dissolves.  

But, be careful when choosing the biodegradable urn – most of the most popular water scattering urns float away, get waterlogged, and then sink to the bottom. It takes months for them to biodegrade and most families find that emotionally unsatisfying.  

The best water scattering urns dissolve in water within 5 minutes. When the urn dissolves, the cremains are released from the bottom of the urn (as it floats away). While waiting for the urn to dissolve, the family can have a brief religious service or simply have a peaceful moment for thought and reflection.  

The bio-degradable water scattering urn that Sunshine Cremation recommends is shaped like a small buoy. It takes 3 to 5 minutes for it to dissolve and creates a meaningful and impactful experience. 

If you have questions about where to do water scattering or would like to discuss any other issue, please contact us or call 561-717-2876. We are always open and available to assist you.  

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