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All Masks Are Not Created Equal. Find Out Which Ones Protect!

Masks Save Lives

By now, everyone hopefully realizes that masks save lives.

But, few people know which masks are effective and which provide a false sense of security.  

Researchers at Duke University have studied mask effectiveness and have some advice for us. 

Masks that received a thumbs up from Duke researchers:

  • Fitted N95 and KN95 masks;
  • Three-layer surgical masks; and
  • Cotton masks (typically made at home). 

Masks that provided little protection and are not recommended:

  • Neck fleeces (also called gators);
  • Folded bandanas; and
  • Knitted masks. 

If you would like to read the original report published by the Duke University researchers, click here.  However, the report is tough to read and uses a lot of jargon. 

The below chart appears in the Duke University report and summarizes their findings.  Mask types listed farther to the left provide better protection than masks set forth on the right.  

Graph showing mask options and the rate of protection against Covid.

I very much hope that everyone is able to stay safe.

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