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One Acre of Land on Mars Can Be Yours For Only $15

Offered through Groupon (57% off of the regular price)

Tucked between the usual daily Groupon offerings of dental braces, Costco memberships, and manscaping shears, was today’s extra-special offer of 57% off the price of an acre of land on Mars.  

12528438_1598561276Ubvgroupon_LIa One Acre of Land on Mars Can Be Yours For Only $15

This Groupon offer immediately caught my attention.  After all, staking a claim to land on Mars – was this legal? 

Is this a fraud? 

Should I buy it? 

Will all of the good homesites sell out? 

Can I pay more to get a lakefront (or at least dried lake bed frontage)?  

Since the offer came through an email from Groupon, I immediately assumed that the offer was legitimate (why would Groupon lie to me?).   

And, my trust was rewarded. 

As it turns out, there is a company called, which is offering land for sale on Mars.  

According to, they are a “premier authorized agent of the International Association of Human Planetary Exploration” and have the right to offer land on Mars.  

But fellow prospective Mars landholders…beware.  Unlike, there are fraudulent Mars land brokers out there. warns of “phony “Lunar” companies selling Planet Mars property” and suggests that is the only legitimate seller of Mars property.  

It turns out offers more than one Mars land package.  Below are just a few of the Mars land offerings:

12527981_1598560147v6Simage One Acre of Land on Mars Can Be Yours For Only $15

And, this company also sells land on the Moon and soon will be offering land on all of the planets in our solar system. says that they have over 5 million customers who have purchased Moon or Mars land from them, including over 250 celebrities.  

12528043_1598560307bKFmars_land_celebrities One Acre of Land on Mars Can Be Yours For Only $15

I am thinking that the opportunity to stake a claim on Mars and/or the Moon is like the California Gold Rush of 1849.  If you don’t act, others will scoop up all the good locations, and all you will be left with is Solar System dregs.  

But, mostly I love the idea of giving Martian or Lunar land as a gift.  

For example, I have adult children living in my home.  My wife and I have been trying to get them out so that they can launch their lives and not be so dependent upon us. 

Our newest plan is to buy our kids prime real estate on Mars and let them know that they have a homestead waiting to move into.  

And, I think I can give the gift of Mars land at the office.  I have in mind some co-workers who annoy me.   

For $15, I can let them send a message that it’s time to move their desk far away from me. 

So, my rating of Mars land for yourself, family, or co-workers is an unqualified three thumbs up!!!

RATING:  👍  👍  👍

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