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Yesterday I sent you an email summarizing a Duke University study of various masks and their effectiveness in protecting us from COVID-19.  

Mask Study

Today, I want to let you know about my personal mask study.  

My study asks three questions:

  • What is the safest mask? 
  • Which is the most fashionable mask? 
  • What kind of mask sends a personal message that you can be proud of?  

Well, I think I found the answer and it’s the Horse Head Mask. 

This mask meets all of the standards that I want in a mask and sends a message that few other masks can match.  

Horse Head Mask

$9.99 on with free one-day shipping for Prime members

Horse head mask for your face.

This is a product I can recommend. 

What better than to surprise your friends, relatives, and local shopkeepers than wearing a mask that makes you look like a person with a horse head?

I have not scientifically tested this mask for viral effectiveness, but I am pretty sure this will give you protection from the virus if for no other reason than people will give you a lot of social distance.

I found that when I combined the Horse Head Mask with horse sounds and the optional horse scent (it wafts out barnyard smells for all to enjoy) people stayed even farther away from me (including my family).

The Horse Head Mask is inexpensive, easy to use, and will make you the talk of the town. 

RATING:  👍  👍  👍

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