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I Hate It When I Can’t Remember My Password!

I really hate it when I forget my username or password to an important website!

This almost always seems to happen when I am with a client, customer, my wife, or kids.

When I saw the below on Facebook I was reminded of the last time I had to reset my password.  

WINDOWS:  Please enter your new password

USER:  cabbage

WINDOWS:  Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters

USER:  boiled cabbage

WINDOWS:  Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character.

USER:  1 boiled cabbage

WINDOWS:  Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces

USER:  50damnboiled cabbages

WINDOWS:  Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character.

USER:  50DAMNboiled cabbages

WINDOWS:  Sorry, the password cannot use more than one upper case character consecutively.

USER: 50damnBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourButtIfYouDonotGiveMeAccessNow!

WINDOWS:  Sorry, the password cannot contain punctuation.

USER:  RealllyPissedOff50damnBoiledCabbagesShovedUpYourButtIfYouDonotGiveMeAccessNow

WINDOWS:  Sorry, that password is already in use by another user.  Try again.

Fortunately, after a lot of humiliating experiences, I started using Lastpass.

Before I started using Lastpass, I could never remember my passwords, and my family was convinced that I was suffering from early-stage dementia.  

After starting to use Lastpass I still can’t remember my usernames or passwords, but it doesn’t matter. 

Lastpass remembers my usernames and passwords and automatically fills them into login screens.  

With the help of Lastpass, my family thinks I have developed a photographic memory, and talk putting me in a nursing home has subsided.   

Lastpass is the “bomb” and gets a three thumbs up recommendation. 👍👍👍

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