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Did you know that for a few million dollars you can buy a Carnival, Holland America, or and Princess cruise ship?  

That’s right…your favorite ship can be yours.  

The Carnival Holiday cruised the Caribbean for decades, with South Florida being its home from 1985 through 2009.  It was the first ship built by Carnival Cruise in its groundbreaking “Holiday” class ships and many cruisers spent thousands of happy hours on this ship. 

Holiday, currently called Magellan, is being auctioned in October.  

Holiday is a victim of the COVID-19 crisis and was owned by a cruise ship operator that failed because of the pandemic.  

The ship is currently in Port Tilbury, in Essex, England and bids are due on October 19, 2020.  

The vessel originally set sail in 1985, weighs 46,052 tons, can cater to 1,860 passengers, and generally had between 660 and 670 crew members on board.  Its length is between 727 and 733 feet and has 12 decks.

Other ships that are currently for sale include:

  • Vasco Da Gama – Bid deadline: Midday Thursday 8th October 2020. GT: 55,877 / Passengers: 1636/ Cabins: 630 / Decks: 13 (10 pax)
  • Columbus – Bid deadline: Midday Monday 12th October 2020. GT: 63,786 / Passengers: 1817 / Cabins: 736 / Decks: 14 (11 pax)
  • Astor – Bid deadline: Midday Thursday 15th October 2020. GT: 20,704 / Passengers: 656 / Cabins: 295 / Decks: 9 (7 pax)
  • Marco Polo – Bid deadline: Midday Thursday 22nd October 2020. GT: 22,080 / Passengers: 906 / Cabins: 425 / Decks: 12 (8 pax)

So, if you don’t know what to buy for your loved one for Christmas, Hanukah, or just a birthday, consider a cruise ship…it can be yours for less than you probably think.

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