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What We Know So Far About Masks and Coronavirus

A few minutes ago I received an email from WebMD that I want to let you know about.  

According to WebMD, the key to stopping COVID-19 in its tracks are the use of masks.

WebMD reports that masks work and cites the case of a hair salon in Missouri as proof:

Two unwitting hairstylists in Missouri demonstrated the protective power of masks when they went to work for days despite showing symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. None of the 139 customers and others they came into contact with caught the virus. The reason? The stylists and all their clients covered their faces the entire time in the salon.  

WebMD reports that masks are the key to stopping the spread of COVID-19.      

I encourage you to read the entire article.  It is easy to read and provides essential information to keep you safe.  

You can access the WebMD article by clicking this link

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