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You Can Get A Refund For $3,000 With Sunshine Cremation!

I love authorizing refunds to families that transfer their prepaid cremation arrangements to Sunshine Cremation Services. 

Last week, I authorized a $3,000 refund to a family that transferred two prepaid cremation arrangements to our firm.

This family had paid a little more than $6,000 to a national chain that masquerades as a local firm in the South Florida marketplace.  We helped the family transfer their preneed arrangements to Sunshine Cremation Services and then wrote them a $3,000 refund check. 

This is not a typo…the cost of cremation at Sunshine Cremation Services is usually approximately 50% of the cost of the national chains.

Our firm loves the opportunity to serve families with superior service at an affordable price. 

But, what we like even more is helping families avoid firms that overcharge and underperform. 

If you would like us to see if we can do for your clients, please call us at 561-717-2876. 

Or, if you would like to see how much we may be able to refund without the stress of calling us, simply click here to use our free cremation cost estimator.  In the comfort of your office, you can calculate the price of cremation with us and compare it to what your client’s paid to our competitor.  

The Sunshine Cremation basic cremation package includes all costs and fees, a free premium urn (usually valued at $200 to $400), and two free death certificates.  I am sure that when you compare the value provided by Sunshine Cremation to the basic package at all of our competitors, you will be impressed. 

Of course, Sunshine Cremation has the most Google 5-star reviews of any firm in South Florida. We are also consistently ranked #1 by Yelp.  Our entire staff takes great pride in the Sunshine Cremation customer reviews and appreciation. 

So, don’t get mad, and don’t let your clients get ripped off.  Give us a call. We will help you get a refund!

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