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Holiday Gift Review – The Gita ($3,250)

I have heard that it is hard to buy gifts for uber-wealthy adults.   If that is your problem, the Gita may be for you!!! The Gita (pictured below) only costs $3,250 (before tax and options) and is a personal robotic carrier. 

According to Gita’s manufacturer website, Gita is the following robot.  It carries your stuff so you can walk outdoors for local errands and trips instead of driving or riding in cars, walk further, faster and more often… The Gita carries up to 40 pounds of your stuff at speeds up to 6 MPH.  

14810866_1606078148vX7Gita Holiday Gift Review - The Gita ($3,250)

The Gita follows behind the person who is walking.  It is made in Boston by Piaggio, the same company as manufacturers the iconic Vespa Scooter.  Unfortunately, I have issues with the Gita.  The price is high, and its utility is questionable.  

The manufacturer does not say if the Gita goes up and down stairs or what type of surface it can run on. 

I feel that this means that the Gita may not be work on stairs, and it needs a relatively flat surface (meaning I don’t think it will work on a camping trip or at the beach).  

It seems that the Gita is most useful for hard-partying adults that need help carrying up to 40 lbs of liquids on a perfectly flat and stable surface.  

Gita is offered with an optional IGLOO Coolers ($59.99) because, as the manufacturer states: Good times always happen when walking with a cooler Below is a suggested party supply inventory that the Gita can carry (including 6 bottles of liquor – which is a lot of booze). 

I guess, after drinking six bottles of whiskey, vodka, or tequila, the Gita could be an essential helper to get back home (assuming the user can still walk).  

14811056_1606078832SLMgita_3 Holiday Gift Review - The Gita ($3,250)

As for the cost, I think $3,250 is a lot to pay for a stair handicapped grocery carrier. 

Maybe if the cost was $3,000 less, I could have a different opinion.   

Because of the high price, challenges with unstable surfaces, and apparent inability to climb stairs, I cannot recommend this gift (even for people with more money than common sense).   

RATING:   👎   👎   👎

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    I cannot thank you enough for the blog article. Thanks Again. Fantastic. Karee Chickie Thanasi

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