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Prepay Your Cremation For As Little As $29.92 over 60 months*!

Mark Sunshine

Most baby boomers want to prepay for their cremation arrangements.  However, the cost scares many of us off.

Sunshine Cremation has a solution to this problem.  

Our complete cremation package is only $1,795 and can be purchased and paid for over 5 years with a monthly payment of only $29.92 per month*.  All that is due when you sign up with Sunshine Cremation is the first month’s payment, i.e., $29.92.   

Flexible and affordable payment terms are just two of the many reasons Sunshine Cremation is the #1 rated cremation services provider in South Florida (according to Yelp) and has the most 5-star Google reviews in the area.  

Please feel free to call us at your convenience to discuss how we can help you!  

*length of payment is based upon age and could vary

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