Don’t Get Tricked By The Pricing Shell Game

The Sunshine Cremation Cost Estimator Provides Reliable and Transparent Pricing.

I hate it when someone tries to play the pricing shell game with me.   

When I go into a store I want to know that the advertised price is the price I will pay for the applicable good or service.  

Sunshine Cremation is dedicated to making sure that the price we quote is the price our customers will pay for any service we offer.   

And, we don’t play a shell game with information or try to manipulate emotions.  We know that when people come to our business they are emotionally vulnerable and susceptible to being manipulated.   

As a result, Sunshine Cremation provides free of charge access to our proprietary Cremation Cost Estimator which you can access by clicking here.   

Of course, if you would prefer to speak to one of our live representatives, we are available 24/7 at 561-717-2876. 

Mark Sunshine

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