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Sunshine Cremation Announces Canine Promotion!

We are thrilled to announce that effective immediately, Isaiah has been promoted to the position of Canine Partner.  The below picture was taken right after Isaiah was informed of his promotion.  You can obviously see the excitement on his face!!


Isaiah has distinguished himself by working hard to lick as many customers as possible and not to nip and bite. 

Upon his graduation from advanced doggy school (with Summa Bark Laude honors), Isaiah is certified to sometimes follow directions and rarely eat the furniture. 

Below is his graduation picture from just a few months ago.


Isaiah joined the team 9 months ago when he was a puppy. 


Since puppyhood, Isaiah has grown into a full-size German Shepherd and enjoys walks, chasing balls, licking people, and tummy rubs.  Since he was a young dog, Isaiah has particularly loved driving in the car.


He expects to provide solace to many mourners in the future by making his tummy available to all for rubs. 

Isaiah likes to play with everyone and looks forward to serving you and your family’s needs. 

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