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“New Age” Vaccines May Cure Cancer And Are In Clinical Testing

I believe everyone should view the recent video made by the Head of Moderna. 

He explains how RNA-based vaccines are changing the practice of medicine far beyond infectious disease control.  

The bottom line is Moderna believes it is on the verge of curing many types of cancer, and most viruses, with its new RNA-based vaccine technology.  

Will The Science Work?

The video explains “messenger RNA vaccines” in a manner that anyone can understand.

Most importantly, Moderna has started testing personalized vaccines which means every person’s vaccine is different based upon their DNA.  Moderna is able to synthesize personalized vaccines in a week.  

Assuming the Moderna vaccines work as expected, they will trigger an immune response in cancer patients so that cancer cells are killed off by the patient’s own body without the need for surgical intervention, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment.  And, if Moderna is correct, they literally have developed the cure for most, if not all, cancers.  

I was blown away by the video and am praying that their science works. 

I recommend everyone watch this video.  

You can view the video by clicking this link.  

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