Hint…It’s To Hide The Real Price

I don’t understand why funeral homes think it is good to treat their customers like they are shopping for a used car. 

Shopping For a Car or a Funeral?

Ever see a great advertised price for a car, and then when you go to the dealership, you discover that the advertised price isn’t the “real price.”  

That is an experience that I hate.  

For some reason, car dealers think it is okay to lie in their advertising, and most funeral homes agree. 

If you think I am wrong, try to purchase a new car for the advertised price and not pay a destination charge, dealer fee, or preparation charge.  Or call a funeral home and ask about pricing and the complete “out the door” cost.  

Since these “dealer fees” are all mandatory and you can’t purchase a new car without paying some or even all of these fees, why is it okay not to include these costs in the advertised price of the car?  

I don’t think it is okay to quote one price and charge another. 

Yet, most funeral homes and cremation providers do precisely that and treat grieving families as if they are buying a car.  

Caring for a loved one who has died is not the same as buying a car, and funeral homes shouldn’t treat families as prey to be financially hunted and skinned.  

What You Need To Know…

Sunshine Cremation Services will never intentionally quote one price and charge another. 

We are transparent in our pricing and even have an online cremation cost estimator so that you can create a reliable price estimate without any sales pressure.  

If you would like to use our cremation cost estimator, click here.  

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