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Compare Sunshine Cremation with “Dignity Memorial” Prices

I loved the Syms television advertisements from the 1980s and believe it is just as true today as when Sy Sims was a household name.    

“An educated consumer is our best customer.”

Sy Sims

Cremation Pricing

So, I want to make you a little more educated about the pricing of cremations and funeral services.  

A page from an actual prepaid cremation contract signed in early June 2021 with Aycock Funeral Home is set forth below.  

Aycock is a subsidiary of SCI Corporation, the largest funeral and cemetery company in the world (and also one of the most expensive in the country).  Many of the funeral homes in our market that SCI owns use the Dignity Memorial logo.  

Aycock wants to charge this customer approximately $2,500 for a simple cremation. 

Below is a copy of a similar statement of goods and merchandise from a Sunshine Cremation Contract (I apologize for the small typeface).  Our contract has a bottom-line price of $1,495.  

While it is easy to compare the two prices and conclude that Sunshine Cremation is approximately $1,000 less expensive than Aycock Funeral Home, that is only half the story.  

There is a large difference in what Aycock provides in its cremation package when compared to Sunshine Cremation.  And, not surprisingly, the Sunshine Cremation contract provides more.  

The below illustrates when doing an “apples to apples” comparison, Aycock suddenly becomes even less competitive from a price perspective.  

What You Need To Know…

In reality, Aycock Funeral costs more than two times Sunshine Cremation  

So, I wonder, why would you pay more for less?  

The family that sent me their Aycock contract transferred the cremation of their loved one to Sunshine Cremation and received, from Sunshine Cremation, a refund for approximately $1,000.  

If you want to pay more for less, please go to Aycock Funeral Home – they are happy to overcharge you and your family.   

On the other hand, if you want to get a fair deal from Sunshine Cremation Services, call our office at 561-717-2876. 

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