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Researchers have a new breakthrough…they now think that they know why we get more colds and flu during the winter.  

It’s Cold Outside

The answer is surprisingly simple…there are more colds and flu because it is cold outside, and cold weather makes our nose cold, which in turn hurts our body’s immune response to disease that takes place in our nose.  

That’s right – cold weather hurts our nose’s ability to secrete effective fluids (also known as mucus or “snot”), which kill off infections before they get deep in the respiratory system.  

31009384_1670777098Aawcold_and_flu_season Winter Colds

So, when it is cold outside, our body produces more nasal mucus, but the mucus isn’t effective at killing off disease when it is cold outside.  So rather than kill off the infection before it gets deep in the body, the mucus is compromised and infections enter our respiratory system.  

If you would like to learn more, click this link, or this Why We Get More Colds in Winter.  

Of course, the research does not answer some of the more important questions that I have. 

Wear A Nose Sock

For example, I cannot tell you if wearing a nose sock will help warm your nose and prevent disease (another version of a nose sock is a mask we all wore because of COVID). 

31009386_1670777370cJPmask_2 Winter Colds

And I have no idea if people with big noses are better off or get more colds than people with small pug noses (an important question for me because I have a big nose).  

What You Need To Know

Keep your nose warm in cold weather if you want to avoid disease. 

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