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We Take Care Of The Details So You Don’t Have To!

The United States Is About To Go On A Wild Ride

I assume everyone receiving this email knows about last week’s Southwest Airlines meltdown.  

However, I am guessing no one other than me is wondering what happened to the scores of deceased individuals in transit with Southwest when it stopped operating.  

Southwest is one of the major domestic shippers of deceased individuals, and when they suspended operations, there were many bodies in transit and more waiting to be shipped.  

Individuals who pass away far away from home are transported by commercial airlines.  Southwest has been in this business for decades and has a high market share, so the shutdown impacted the funeral industry when they suspended operations.  

31009480_1672775237YNfSouthwest We Take Care Of The Details So You Don't Have To!

What Loved Ones Had To Say

So, today I started calling other funeral homes to find out what happened and discovered that there are terrible stories of families that could not find their loved ones and funerals that could not take place when scheduled.  

The Southwest shutdown was not a problem at Sunshine Cremation and affiliated companies. 

Sunshine Cremation places GPS trackers in every shipping container containing a deceased individual.

When Southwest melted down, we found our bodies and did not have a crisis.  

I have no idea why other funeral homes do not attach a GPS tracker to every deceased person they are shipping – but we are the only funeral home in Florida that provides this service. 

GPS Trackers For The Win

GPS trackers are neither expensive nor cutting-edge technology, and we do not charge more than the competition for shipping services.  

I know I sounded a little crazy when I first climbed on my “soap box” and started lecturing everyone I could find about why it is essential to use GPS trackers.  After all, airlines rarely misplace the bodies they are shipping, and it seemed like I had found a solution to a problem that didn’t exist.  

That is until last week when Southwest melted down.  Suddenly, having a GPS tracker and not relying on Southwest’s systems appeared brilliantly prescient.  

At Sunshine Cremation, we pay attention to detail, so you don’t have to.

Attaching GPS trackers to bodies is a simple and small example of how and why Sunshine Cremation is better than other funeral homes.  

Paying attention to detail costs our firm more in operating expenses and profits, and sometimes is not easy, but we think it is worth it. We pay attention to detail because it is the right thing to do.   

Because we pay attention to detail, we are #1 Yelp Rated and have the most Google 5-Star reviews.  We believe we are the best in Florida and our customer reviews reflect that belief.  

So stop gambling with your future and call us to see how we can serve you.  

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