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Getting Married? 8 States Allow Dogs to Officiate

I am a dog owner, and our furry friends are part of our family. 

Also, I am happy and proud to say my oldest son is getting married in October (he and his fiance live in Colorado and are getting married there).  

Your Dog Can Serve As A Wedding Officiant

So, I started doing a little research, and it turns out that in Colorado, dogs can serve as wedding officiants (meaning, forget about the Rabbi, we can use one of our three dogs to officiate and sign the marriage license).  

Below is a wonderful picture of a dog-officiated wedding.  I understand there were more than 300 guests in attendance.  

31009497_1676216959a8odog_officiating_a_wedding Getting Married? 8 States Allow Dogs to Officiate

A Real Marriage License Signed By Fido

And, below is a picture of a real Colorado marriage certificate that was signed by a dog.  

31009499_1676217711wh2colorado_marriage_certificte Getting Married? 8 States Allow Dogs to Officiate

Of course, the official language of the wedding ceremony won’t be English but dog (everyone in our family understands dog), and I assume that payment will be in dog treats.

The Daily Paws

If you think I am wrong about the law, below is a screenshot from the website Daily Paws.  If you can’t trust Daily Paws for reliable legal advice, who can you trust?  

31009496_1676216691fDGdailey_paws Getting Married? 8 States Allow Dogs to Officiate

Fortunately, in case I am wrong, my son is an Assistant District Attorney, and several judges will attend the wedding.  So, we have a backup plan just in case a squirrel runs by during the service.

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