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Somehow Florida’s Hospitals are Getting Worse

By Mark Sunshine | Aug 14, 2023

Florida, with its sunny beaches and vibrant communities, is a dream destination for many. But is it the right place for high-quality healthcare? Let’s take a deep dive. Remember my email from last year about the US News and World Report hospital rankings?   A year ago I highlighted concerns about Florida’s healthcare system, emphasizing its…

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Misdiagnosis Happens Every Day!

By Mark Sunshine | Aug 1, 2023

I am neither a funeral director nor a medical professional.  I am just a lawyer who is the part owner of a group of funeral homes who writes to you occasionally.  What I’ve Learned Since entering the funeral business, I have learned that medical malpractice through misdiagnosis occurs daily and kills thousands yearly. Not surprisingly,…

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12 Things To Do After The Funeral

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 17, 2023

I know it feels “cold” to plan for the practical and financial aspects of your loved one’s death.  To Plan Or Not No one wants to think about money and administrative details when mourning.  But, as much as we don’t like to address these issues, they are a must and won’t go away just because…

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Air B&B Rentals Have Hidden Cameras

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 17, 2023

It isn’t easy to constantly think up exciting topics to email you about.   I read hundreds of articles weekly and select the ones that catch my attention.  After additional research, I try to summarize what I have learned and then email you.   Hotel Owners Plant Hidden Cameras In Rooms So, imagine my surprise when I…

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There Are No Good Uses For Dryer Lint

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 3, 2023

A few days ago, I was emailed an article that suggested dryer lint is a hidden source of value.  The article stated that if we only make a little effort to recycle our dryer lint, we can save a ton of money.  The article suggested recycling dryer lint as filler in craft projects, dog beds,…

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Free Burial for Veterans

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 22, 2023

This comprehensive guide provides key details about interment and entombment at the South Florida National Cemetery. The Cemetery is located at 6501 S. State Road 7, Lake Worth, FL 33449.  You can get more information by calling (561) 649-6489. Is the VA Cemetery in Lake Worth Nice? Yes, it is.  The South Florida National Cemetery…

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Dogs Are Bucking The Trend

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 20, 2023

Hold on to your leashes, folks, because we’ve got some pawsitively mind-boggling news about our four-legged friends. Dogs Have Larger Brains Now Than Before Recent research reveals that dogs are evolving and now have larger brains than their ancestors. Hungarian and Swedish scientists have unleashed a surprising finding: our beloved canines are becoming brainier.  It…

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 16, 2023

My First Try at the Perfect Gift Was Rejected by my Wife and Daughter Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I have been searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift recommendation.  I had a great one (I thought) that I was going to tell you about – that is until my wife and…

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What Do Elder Care Lawyers Do?

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 9, 2023

Estate Planning & Elder Law A few days ago, I met with an estate planning attorney I have known since the mid-1980s (a long time to know someone).   I was surprised to learn that this well-known attorney had no idea what elder law lawyers did for a living or why.   So, my friend, the estate…

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