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Husband and wife standing next to a lake with their dog in between them.

Getting Married? 8 States Allow Dogs to Officiate

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 13, 2023

I am a dog owner, and our furry friends are part of our family.  Also, I am happy and proud to say my oldest son is getting married in October (he and his fiance live in Colorado and are getting married there).   Your Dog Can Serve As A Wedding Officiant So, I started doing a…

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Lady hands wearing black gloves with red long fingernails.

Gel Manicures Are Not Safe

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 1, 2023

In yet another installment of my “believe it or not” series, I was surprised to learn that the drying process used in most gel manicures causes cancer.   I have never had a manicure and have little idea of what a gel manicure is. I have been told that it is the current “best quality” type…

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A man with an extra long nose because he told a lie.

Honest Hospitals Vs. Dishonest Hospitals

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 25, 2023

Apparently, many poor-quality hospital executives are graduates of the “Vladamir Putin School of Propaganda,” where they were taught that if a bad fact isn’t reported, it can be ignored.   So What Facts Are Some Hospitals Conveniently Forgetting To Report?  According to a study by the University of Michigan Medical School, many hospitals routinely underreport strokes…

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Picture of a human cartoon head with the brain lighted up in orange.

What You Need To Know About Dementia

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 23, 2023

The Number Of Americans With Dementia Will Likely Increase According to a new study published by the University of Michigan Medical School, approximately one-half of older Americans die with a diagnosis of dementia listed on their medical records.  That is up from 36% two decades ago.   Using data from 3.5 million Americans over the age…

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Picture of multiple types of cartoon organs in a glass jar with embalming fluid.

Embalming Is Not Needed Before Cremation

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 21, 2023

No, It Is Not! Embalming is not needed before cremation.  What Is Embalming? Embalming is a method of preserving a dead body with chemicals. During embalming, the embalmer flushes out the blood and replaces it with a chemical solution to prevent decay and the spread of disease. Embalming also changes the appearance of the body…

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Picture of two ladies sitting on a couch together drinking coffee.

Nursing Homes: Who Is Financially Responsible?

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 9, 2023

I am willing to bet that everyone receiving this email knows of a family financially obliterated by the cost of nursing home care for a loved one.   But did you know that family members cannot be required to pay for a relative’s nursing home care?   And, did you know that it is illegal for nursing homes…

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Pic of Gambling chips and dice

We Take Care Of The Details So You Don’t Have To!

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 4, 2023

The United States Is About To Go On A Wild Ride I assume everyone receiving this email knows about last week’s Southwest Airlines meltdown.   However, I am guessing no one other than me is wondering what happened to the scores of deceased individuals in transit with Southwest when it stopped operating.   Southwest is one of…

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whole body donation picture

What Is Whole Body Donation To Science?

By Mark Sunshine | Dec 20, 2022

What is whole body donation to science, and how does it work? Mark Sunshine provides everything you need to know about the program and if it makes sense for you or your family.  Please watch the below video.  Please visit our FAQs page for more topics and information.

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Man riding a rollercoaster

Events In China Are Sure To Spill Over To The United States

By Mark Sunshine | Dec 19, 2022

The United States Is About To Go On A Wild Ride Buckle up and get ready for a new COVID-19 rollercoaster ride.  After almost three years, China is abandoning its “zero-COVID policy,” which has resulted in hundreds of millions of Chinese people being intermittently locked down.  Since China changed its policy in the last few…

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