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Cremation Cost

Cremation Provides Families Funeral and Memorial Service Choices

Cremation memorial options

Among the most important reasons to choose cremation over a traditional burial is the flexibility in funeral service options provided by cremation. Many of these funeral service options may have little or no cost while still providing for a meaningful opportunity to say “goodbye” to a loved one who has passed. Among the types of…

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No Cost Cremation

No-Cost Cremation

A Smart and Ethical Alternative To Traditional End of Life Arrangements. “No cost cremation” sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.  No-cost cremation is made possible through the gift of the deceased to the advancement of medical research, science, and training.  Many medical advancements and breakthroughs that we take for granted were made…

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5 Things To Know About “Low-Cost” Cremation Services

Low Cost Cremation

The Dayton Daily News has published a great article about low-cost cremation and things to check before hiring a cremation provider. Watch Out For Gotcha’s and Maybe Deals I think that the most important advice that the Dayton Daily News gave readers was to know what they are purchasing and to watch out for “gotcha…

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Travel Insurance Makes Good Cents!

Travel Insurance Makes Sense

Be Kind. Be Responsible. Purchasing your pre-need funeral/cremation arrangements is one of the kindest and most financially responsible things you can do for your family. Not only do you lock in the cost of your funeral/cremation at today’s prices (rather than future inflated and higher prices), you help your loved ones’ cope with your passing…

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“I Can’t Afford To Die!!”

Cremation Blog: I Can't Afford to Die

I Can’t Afford To Die! I have heard too many people tell me that they cannot afford to die because of funeral costs.   What are typical funeral costs?  According to experts, a funeral in South Florida, including burial plot, funeral home, casket and miscellaneous items can run as much as $10,000 per person.  For…

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Don’t Leave The Dead Behind

Cremation Blog: Don't Leave The Dead Behind

Don’t Leave The Dead Behind One of the strongest human instincts is to take our dead with us when we move from one place to another.   Our instincts are simple. We don’t want our ancestors to be by themselves or forgotten. If we have to move, we still want to be able to visit…

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