Solar & Wind Energy Powered Electricity

Photo voltaic solar panels and blue sky with clouds

Now is perhaps the most exciting time to be alive ever!!!   I am confident that most types of cancer will be eradicated during the lifetimes of my children, communicable diseases (such as COVID-19) will be a thing of the past, and renewable energy will become the norm (thereby reducing the cost of energy and…

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What Is Direct Cremation?

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Direct Cremation Don’t be fooled by cremation service providers making a big deal about the words “direct cremation”. There is essentially no difference between a cremation and a direct cremation. It really upsets me when I see competitors pretending that they are doing something special by providing a direct cremation.   Every cremation is a direct…

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What Is “Cremation Society”?

Aluminum Urns

What’s The Difference? Maybe there was a time in history when the words “cremation society” had a special meaning, but that time has long since gone away.   There no difference between cremation societies and other providers of cremation services.   Cremation society is a marketing term mostly meant to mislead consumers.   The term cremation society is…

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What Do Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer’s Have In Common?

A woman falls asleep, dreams, and counts sheep. Insomnia and sleep disorders. The girl is lying on the bed, lambs are jumping around. Around the stars and dark space. Flat vector illustration.

Do You Snore? According to my wife and kids, I snore. I have never heard myself snore, but they say I snore. Snoring and Dementia As reported by Medical News Today, this is very bad news because there is a high correlation between snoring and the development of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.  In post-mortem examinations of…

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Don’t Get Tricked By The Pricing Shell Game

Cremation Cost Estimator I hate it when someone tries to play the pricing shell game with me.    When I go into a store I want to know that the advertised price is the price I will pay for the applicable good or service.   Sunshine Cremation is dedicated to making sure that the price we quote…

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One Price, No Surprises

LOW PRICE Tag on Chalkboard Background - 3D Rendering

Understand The Fine Print Before you recommend a cremation services provider to your clients, I believe it is important to understand the fine print so that your clients are not overcharged and do not feel like they were ripped off.  Virtually all of our competitors play the bait-and-switch game.  They advertise an unrealistic low price, but then…

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Prepay Your Cremation For As Little As $24.92 over 60 months*!

Preplanning your cremation today

Most baby boomers want to prepay for their cremation arrangements.  However, the cost scares many of us off. Sunshine Cremation has a solution to this problem.   Our complete cremation package is only $1,495 and can be purchased and paid for over 5 years with a monthly payment of only $24.92 per month*.  All that is due…

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You Can Get A Refund For $3,000 With Sunshine Cremation!

Keys on a typewriter with Refund on the return button

I love authorizing refunds to families that transfer their prepaid cremation arrangements to Sunshine Cremation Services.  Last week, I authorized a $3,000 refund to a family that transferred two prepaid cremation arrangements to our firm. This family had paid a little more than $6,000 to a national chain that masquerades as a local firm in…

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A New Age For Film Festivals

popcorn and clapperboard

When I lived in New York, I was a regular at film festivals and loved the experience.  Film festivals have provided a venue for many iconic blockbusters, and independent and rising directors, actors, and producers use film festivals to introduce their work to audiences.  Film festivals level the competitive playing field between large budget studios…

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