One Price, No Surprises

LOW PRICE Tag on Chalkboard Background - 3D Rendering

Understand The Fine Print Before you recommend a cremation services provider to your clients, I believe it is important to understand the fine print so that your clients are not overcharged and do not feel like they were ripped off.  Virtually all of our competitors play the bait-and-switch game.  They advertise an unrealistic low price, but then…

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Keys to a successful water scatter.

Picture of Blue Water

Keys to a successful water scatter. Almost every day we are asked about water scattering of ashes.   We know that water scattering can be a meaningful and impactful way to say goodbye to your loved one.  But, we also know that water scattering can be a disaster.   Wind, current, and waves often do not cooperate,…

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What’s The Cost of a Memorial Celebration Of Life?

Cost Of Memorial Celebration Of Life Service

It’s Too Expensive Almost every day we are asked, “Do I have to have a funeral service after I die?  After all, it is so expensive…” Our answer is “It is fine to do whatever you feel comfortable doing.  However, cost should not be a factor in the decision.”  Cost is never a good reason…

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Death Care Industry In China

China is Innovating The Death Care Industry

Digital Awareness Digital Technology has come to the death care industry in China. Just like in the United States, transparency created by the Internet is bringing prices down, increasing consumer information and awareness, and creating consumer-friendly competition. The Chinese death care industry historically has been government-owned and controlled. Local cemetery and funeral organizations were affiliated…

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Are Pets Cremated At The Same Time As Humans?

Are pets cremated with humans? No!

Another Myth! At least once a month someone asks me if people and pets are cremated at the same time and in the same furnace as humans.  This is an easy myth to bust.  Pet’s Are Not Permitted to Be Cremated With Humans No…pets are not cremated at the same time or in the same…

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Travel Assurance Makes Good Cents!

Travel Insurance Makes Sense

Lock In Your Cost Ahead Of Time Purchasing your prepaid funeral/cremation arrangements is one of the kindest and most financially responsible things you can do for your family. Not only do you lock in the cost of your funeral/cremation at today’s prices (rather than future inflated and higher prices), you help your loved ones’ cope…

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