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Cremation Myths

How Are Cremation Ashes Returned To The Family

Returning Cremation Ashes

If I could design a set of procedures that intentionally caused anxiety and insecurity, I don’t think I could design a more anxiety provoking process than the standard cremation process.  Loved ones are most often taken away, never to be seen again, and then ashes are returned to the family.  Families have no realistic way…

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Are Pets Cremated At The Same Time As Humans?

Are pets cremated with humans? No!

Another cremation myth. At least once a month someone asks me if peopel and pets are cremated at the same time and in the same furnace as humans.  This is an easy myth to bust.  No…pets are not cremated at the same time or in the same furnace as humans.  It is chargeable criminal offense…

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