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Funeral Planning

How To Avoid Funeral And Cremation Scams

Beware of fraud when buying your cremation

Learn The Do’s And Don’ts Purchasing a funeral or cremation for yourself, or a loved one, is vastly different than all other consumer purchases. The combination of grief, fear and loss makes everyone vulnerable. Unscrupulous funeral directors regularly take advantage of customer vulnerability to take advantage of customers. They use high-pressure sales techniques designed to…

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Funerals For The Super-Rich

The super rich have funeral needs also

Ever Wonder What People With Lots Of Money Do When They Die? A few days ago I came across an article that was written by Jason Sheeler of the Telegraph (a London based newspaper).  Unfortunately it is behind paywall, so I thought I would give you a synopsis The article details burial and funeral trends…

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Cremation Provides Families Funeral and Memorial Service Choices

Cremation memorial options

Among the most important reasons to choose cremation over a traditional burial is the flexibility in funeral service options provided by cremation. Many of these funeral service options may have little or no cost while still providing for a meaningful opportunity to say “goodbye” to a loved one who has passed. Among the types of…

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Cremation and the Baptist Church – Ashes to Ashes

Cremation Blog: Baptist Church

Baptist Cremation While cremation is an individual choice, and not all Baptists want to be cremated, there are no major leadership bodies that an Baptist cremation. To the extent that a funeral service is held, cremation may take place either before or after the funeral service. The late Reverend Billy Graham, verified that cremation is an…

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Cremation and Roman Catholics – Ashes to Ashes

Cremation Blog: St. Patrick's Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Church Allows Cremation Since 1963, the Vatican has allowed Roman Catholics to choose cremation as an acceptable option. As recently as 2016, the Roman Catholic Church reaffirmed its support for cremation, specifying legitimate situations, such as sanitary, economic or social considerations. But, cremation is not acceptable if it is an expression of…

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