Common Drugs Can Make High Blood Pressure Worse

Measuring blood pressure

Like many people my age, I have high blood pressure and take drugs to control this condition.   I also am a regular user of many common brands of over-the-counter pain medication.   However, I didn’t know that many common over-the-counter pain medications worsened my blood pressure problems.   This is a sensitive topic for me.  My father…

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We Can Help You Make A Positive Difference

Pay It Forward

2021 was a challenging year for many people and we hope and pray that 2022 will be easier.  Pay It Forward With Body Donation To Science Over the last few months, Sunshine Cremation Services has expanded its affiliation with several medical schools and research companies to facilitate body donation to science.    By donating a…

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Compare Sunshine Cremation with “Dignity Memorial” Prices

A sign that says "Rip Off Warning."

I loved the Syms television advertisements from the 1980s and believe it is just as true today as when Sy Sims was a household name.     “An educated consumer is our best customer.” Sy Sims Cremation Pricing So, I want to make you a little more educated about the pricing of cremations and funeral services.   A page from…

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Hint…It’s To Hide The Real Price

Australian Shepherd Dog in rescue shelter hoping to be adopted

I don’t understand why funeral homes think it is good to treat their customers like they are shopping for a used car.  Shopping For a Car or a Funeral? Ever see a great advertised price for a car, and then when you go to the dealership, you discover that the advertised price isn’t the “real price.”  …

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Put Yourself On The List To Help Cure Brain Disease

Human brain injury, damage,hemorrhage

More than one-third of all people who live to age 85 will develop a degenerative neurological disease, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most significant source of suffering. But, you can do something to help cure this epidemic of suffering. You can be a hero and do an “Absolute Good.” You can help cure Alzheimer’s and…

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Sunshine Cremation Is Fighting Back At High Funeral Costs

Pink lilly flowers

It is costly to die in Florida.   What Does It Cost? The average cost of a funeral with viewing and ceremony, followed by burial, in Boca Raton is approximately $17,000 (according to the National Funeral Directors Association and the consumer website PerfectGoodbyes).   Let me repeat that….it can cost up to $17,000 to die in Boca Raton…

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20% of Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Deaths Maybe From Bad Genes.

Female research team studying DNA mutations. Computer screens with DNA helix in foreground

It appears that approximately 20% of unexplained sudden cardiac deaths actually have a straightforward explanation – bad genes.   You can read more about the findings of a University of Maryland Medical School researcher by clicking here and here.   But, how do you find out if you have bad genes before becoming a statistic?   This Topic Is…

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A Simple Primer On Wills And When To Use Them.

living will with pills and eyeglasses

Types Of Wills Did you know that there are at least three types of wills?   Most people don’t.   From their names, you might think that the three most common types of wills are all similar; you couldn’t be more wrong.   There is no connection between the three types of wills other than the similarity in…

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Drinking Water Doesn’t Help With A Hangover

Still life. pour or whiskey in to glass.

I Have Some Devastating News… According to Patrick Schmitt (a molecular biologist), drinking water doesn’t help with a hangover!!! “It’s a misconception that drinking water helps you avoid a hangover,” said Schmitt. The commonly held belief that a hangover will be cured by drinking a lot of water is based upon a 1950s study that…

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