Yes, Jews With Tattoos Can Be Buried In A Jewish Cemetery

Leisure in summer - Rear of beautiful women tan relax on beach with tattoo on foot.

When I was 16 years old, I decided it would be fun to convince my parents that I wanted to get a tattoo. I bought magazines featuring tattoo artists and started cutting out feature articles and leaving them around the house where my mother would notice.  At first, my mother ignored me.  But it was too…

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Don’t Make This Common Mistake and Risk Future Coverage

Medicare is one of the most important government benefits for seniors.   But the Medicare program is complicated, and there are important decisions that every Baby Boomer needs to make.  And, the wrong decision may create irreversible harm later in life.   The reason seniors need to make decisions is that Medicare does not pay all medical expenses.  Without supplemental…

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Don’t Get Tricked By The Pricing Shell Game

Cremation Cost Estimator I hate it when someone tries to play the pricing shell game with me.    When I go into a store I want to know that the advertised price is the price I will pay for the applicable good or service.   Sunshine Cremation is dedicated to making sure that the price we quote…

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Prepay Your Cremation For As Little As $29.92 over 60 months*!

Preplanning your cremation today

Most baby boomers want to prepay for their cremation arrangements.  However, the cost scares many of us off. Sunshine Cremation has a solution to this problem.   Our complete cremation package is only $1,795 and can be purchased and paid for over 5 years with a monthly payment of only $29.92 per month*.  All that is due…

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You Can Get A Refund For $3,000 With Sunshine Cremation!

Keys on a typewriter with Refund on the return button

I love authorizing refunds to families that transfer their prepaid cremation arrangements to Sunshine Cremation Services.  Last week, I authorized a $3,000 refund to a family that transferred two prepaid cremation arrangements to our firm. This family had paid a little more than $6,000 to a national chain that masquerades as a local firm in…

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Travel Assurance Makes Good Cents!

Travel Insurance Makes Sense

Lock In Your Cost Ahead Of Time Purchasing your prepaid funeral/cremation arrangements is one of the kindest and most financially responsible things you can do for your family. Not only do you lock in the cost of your funeral/cremation at today’s prices (rather than future inflated and higher prices), you help your loved ones’ cope…

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