What Is Your Family's DNA Story?

Why Preserve DNA?

The last chance to preserve DNA is before the cremation takes place.

The death of a loved one has traditionally meant the loss of family history. Memories fade and so does important information such as genealogical heritage and medical history. Questions of “where do we come from” and “what diseases did we inherit in our genes” will be asked many generations from now. DNA provides important and relevant information on a family’s genealogical and medical history.

DNA Memorial provides a family with the last opportunity to collect the treasure of their deceased loved one's DNA; information for generations to come. Through Sunshine Autopsy, we are able to collect your loved one’s DNA and our proprietary process that allows for room temperature storage indefinitely. DNA will begin to degrade as soon as a person dies and must be specially treated or it will basically decompose and become useless.

Post Mortem DNA is very challenging and takes specialized expertise to process and test. Most major ancestry testing companies can not process post mortem DNA making this not an option for deceased persons. Sunshine Autopsy is able to process post mortem DNA so it can be tested for ancestry purposes. 

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