The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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My First Try at the Perfect Gift Was Rejected by my Wife and Daughter Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I have been searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift recommendation.  I had a great one (I thought) that I was going to tell you about – that is until my wife and…

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What Do Elder Care Lawyers Do?

picture of a lawyer in a blue suite writing out an estate plan for a family

Estate Planning & Elder Law A few days ago, I met with an estate planning attorney I have known since the mid-1980s (a long time to know someone).   I was surprised to learn that this well-known attorney had no idea what elder law lawyers did for a living or why.   So, my friend, the estate…

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How Do I Know It’s Mom?

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A Detailed 8-Step Guide to Sunshine Cremation’s Identification Procedures It is natural to wonder when you get the cremated remains of your loved one from a funeral home. “How do I know these are my loved one’s ashes?” Sunshine Cremation Services is acutely aware of these worries and far exceeds industry standards with our ironclad…

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Were You A Facebook User? You Should Apply!

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The Facebook Class Action Settlement Is Real In April 2023, people who use social media online started to wonder if a proposed class action settlement for $725 million was actually a scam.  It is real.  The case started with the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.  It turned out that the now-defunct political ad marketing firm…

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