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The United States Is About To Go On A Wild Ride I assume everyone receiving this email knows about last week’s Southwest Airlines meltdown.   However, I am guessing no one other than me is wondering what happened to the scores of deceased individuals in transit with Southwest when it stopped operating.   Southwest is one of…

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The Ancient Teaching of a Roman Emperor Can Help Now

Emperor Marcus Aurelius

The Ancient Teaching of a Roman Emperor Can Help Now. There are no two ways about it…the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and current political unrest has affected us all, regardless of religion, political party, or financial means.   While it feels like these times are unique, that isn’t true.  In many ways, we are reliving a…

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The Seasonal Flu Shot Helps With COVID-19

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The Seasonal Flu Shot Helps With COVID-19. Congratulations on surviving election day!!  While voting is behind us, COVID-19 remains a threat to our health.  Fortunately, I have some good news to tell you about.  The Seasonal Flu Shot Can Provide Some Protection The seasonal flu shot can provide some protection against the most severe effects…

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