The Seasonal Flu Shot Helps With COVID-19

Get Your Flu Shot Pic

The Seasonal Flu Shot Helps With COVID-19. Congratulations on surviving election day!!  While voting is behind us, COVID-19 remains a threat to our health.  Fortunately, I have some good news to tell you about.  The Seasonal Flu Shot Can Provide Some Protection The seasonal flu shot can provide some protection against the most severe effects…

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A Carnival Cruise Ship Can Be Yours!!

Pic of carnival cruise ship for sale

Did you know that for a few million dollars you can buy a Carnival, Holland America, or and Princess cruise ship?   That’s right…your favorite ship can be yours.   The Carnival Holiday cruised the Caribbean for decades, with South Florida being its home from 1985 through 2009.  It was the first ship built by Carnival Cruise in its groundbreaking…

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I Hate It When I Can’t Remember My Password!

Man with computer who lost password

I really hate it when I forget my username or password to an important website! This almost always seems to happen when I am with a client, customer, my wife, or kids. When I saw the below on Facebook I was reminded of the last time I had to reset my password.   WINDOWS:  Please enter your…

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One Acre of Land on Mars Can Be Yours For Only $15

Man on Mars

Offered through Groupon (57% off of the regular price) Tucked between the usual daily Groupon offerings of dental braces, Costco memberships, and manscaping shears, was today’s extra-special offer of 57% off the price of an acre of land on Mars.   This Groupon offer immediately caught my attention.  After all, staking a claim to land on…

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Prudent Exercise Helps Prevent COVID-19

Exercise for Covid Health

Prudent Exercise Helps Prevent COVID-19 How To Strengthen Your Lungs To Fight COVID-19 According to AARP, good old-fashioned exercise is one of the best ways to help prevent COVID-19 and, if you contract the virus, lessen the adverse effects.  And, one of the best ways to exercise is to take a brisk outdoor walk.  Walking…

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Help Eliminate Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell are you at risk

Help Eliminate Sickle Cell Anemia. The American Society of Hematology estimates that 8% of African Americans carry the genetic mutation for sickle cell anemia.  This blood disease has destroyed the quality of life, and even killed its victims, for too long.  It is time for us to turn the tables on this disease and kill…

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Post-Mortem DNA Testing – The Gift That Saves Lives

DNA Testing Pic

A simple mouth swab and collection of a few hair follicles after you have died can save generations of your descendants from early death.  The miracle of modern medicine makes this possible.  It is called post-mortem DNA testing and Sunshine Cremation Services is now arranging this life-saving service for its customers.  Even after death, Sunshine…

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