This Year, The Flu Shot Is More Important Than Ever!

Get Your Flu Shot Picture

Every year we hear grim mortality statistics relating to the seasonal flu.  In the last two years, an estimated 80 million Americans contracted the flu and approximately 95 thousand people died as a result (click this link for CDC statistics).  Unfortunately, as long as COVID-19 is with us, the mortality risk from contracting the flu has increased (no…

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Should I Fly or Drive?

Family in airport wearing masks

I miss traveling by air.   Fly or Drive Since COVID-19 started I have been afraid to fly and instead drove from Florida to Colorado and then a few weeks later drove from Florida to Cleveland.  I feel like I have been living in a car for the last 4 months.  But, are my fears of air…

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The Best COVID-19 Mask EVER!

Man wearing horse head mask for fun

Yesterday I sent you an email summarizing a Duke University study of various masks and their effectiveness in protecting us from COVID-19.   Mask Study Today, I want to let you know about my personal mask study.   My study asks three questions: What is the safest mask?  Which is the most fashionable mask?  What kind of…

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All Masks Are Not Created Equal. Find Out Which Ones Protect!

Family wearing protective face masks.

Masks Save Lives By now, everyone hopefully realizes that masks save lives. But, few people know which masks are effective and which provide a false sense of security.   Researchers at Duke University have studied mask effectiveness and have some advice for us.  Masks that received a thumbs up from Duke researchers: Fitted N95 and KN95…

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One Acre of Land on Mars Can Be Yours For Only $15

Man on Mars

Offered through Groupon (57% off of the regular price) Tucked between the usual daily Groupon offerings of dental braces, Costco memberships, and manscaping shears, was today’s extra-special offer of 57% off the price of an acre of land on Mars.   This Groupon offer immediately caught my attention.  After all, staking a claim to land on…

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Expert Tips To Help With Back Pain During COVID-19

Man With Low Back Pain

I have chronic back pain and I don’t know many adults who don’t suffer like me.  COVID-19 is making things worse for me and many others.    Why are we suffering more back problems?  It’s a combination of lack of exercise, weight gain, anxiety, and depression.  Most of us are sitting around doing less but worrying…

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Prudent Exercise Helps Prevent COVID-19

Exercise for Covid Health

Prudent Exercise Helps Prevent COVID-19 – How To Strengthen Your Lungs To Fight COVID-19. According to AARP, good old fashioned exercise is one of the best ways to help prevent COVID-19 and, if you contract the virus, lessen the adverse effects.  And, one of the best ways to exercise is to take a brisk outdoor…

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Help Eliminate Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell are you at risk

The American Society of Hematology estimates that 8% of African-Americans carry the genetic mutation for sickle cell anemia.  This blood disease has destroyed the quality of life, and even killed its victims, for too long.  It is time for us to turn the tables on this disease and kill sickle cell anemia before it ruins…

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