Honest Hospitals Vs. Dishonest Hospitals

A man with an extra long nose because he told a lie.

Apparently, many poor-quality hospital executives are graduates of the “Vladamir Putin School of Propaganda,” where they were taught that if a bad fact isn’t reported, it can be ignored.   So What Facts Are Some Hospitals Conveniently Forgetting To Report?  According to a study by the University of Michigan Medical School, many hospitals routinely underreport strokes…

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What You Need To Know About Dementia

Picture of a human cartoon head with the brain lighted up in orange.

The Number Of Americans With Dementia Will Likely Increase According to a new study published by the University of Michigan Medical School, approximately one-half of older Americans die with a diagnosis of dementia listed on their medical records.  That is up from 36% two decades ago.   Using data from 3.5 million Americans over the age…

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Science Fiction Meets The US Army

Black and white drawing of an army tank vehicle.

A few weeks ago I emailed you about an Israeli vehicle-mounted laser system that could shoot down incoming munitions, including mortar shells, drones, and missiles.   Air Defense Systems Well…the United States will not be outdone by the Israelis and now has two laser air defense systems.  The larger and more powerful system is mounted on a…

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Hearing Loss Contributes to Dementia

Lady with grey hair in hearing dr. office. Dr. holding up a small, silver hearing aid.

It is surprising to learn that hearing loss is the single largest contributor to new dementia cases.  But, by getting a hearing aid you can avoid loss of cognitive ability.   Please watch the below video.  It may save your life!!! Please visit our FAQs page for more topics and information.

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What To Look Out For and Why Not To Worry About

Brain shaped white jigsaw puzzle on blue background, a missing piece of the brain puzzle, mental health and problems with memory

Worried About Developing Dementia or Alzheimer’s? I am reaching an age where everyone I know is worried about developing dementia, Alzheimer’s, or some other degenerative brain disease.  In the last two years, two close friends have gotten the bad news: one friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and the other with Alzheimer’s.  Both individuals are in…

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What Do Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer’s Have In Common?

A woman falls asleep, dreams, and counts sheep. Insomnia and sleep disorders. The girl is lying on the bed, lambs are jumping around. Around the stars and dark space. Flat vector illustration.

Do You Snore? According to my wife and kids, I snore. I have never heard myself snore, but they say I snore. Snoring and Dementia As reported by Medical News Today, this is very bad news because there is a high correlation between snoring and the development of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.  In post-mortem examinations of…

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