Don’t Eat Cicadas if Allergic to Shellfish

Closeup image of a cicada on leaves. Cicadas will spend up to 17 years underground as larvae before hatching. They are known as one of the loudest insects.

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.   A few days ago, the FDA felt the need to warn people with shellfish allergies not to eat cicadas.   I have a simpler suggestion – DON’T EAT CICADAS EVER!!! According To The New York Times… The advice from the Food and Drug Administration comes as the current group of cicadas, known as Brood…

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Are You Defrosting Your Food The Right Way?

Opened refrigerators deepfreeze. It's full.

According To WebMD I Have Been Doing It All Wrong! I have been married for 33 years, and for 33 years my wife has told me I was defrosting food the wrong way.   Of course, she wasn’t doing it the correct way either; but after 33 years I know better than to point that out.  WebMD…

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To Wash Or Not To Wash (Food), That Is The Question.

Woman washing vegetables on kitchen counter.

I never know whether to wash or not to wash food before cooking, and based upon the advice of WebMD, I have been getting it all wrong.   Why is food washing essential to get correct?  If you don’t want to ingest bacteria that make you sick, it is vital to get food washing right.   So, here…

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