CDC COVID ALERT – Bad News For Restaurants

New normal concept illustration with male and female sitting at outdoor cafe or restaurant tables with face mask prevention from disease outbreak. New normal after Covid-19 pandemic concept

The CDC has some bad news for the restaurant industry that they published earlier this week.   According to the CDC, among people who are afflicted with COVID-19, they are twice as likely to have reported restaurant dining in the 14 days prior to becoming ill than those who tested negative.   However, there was no reported correlation between gatherings…

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The Best COVID-19 Mask EVER!

Man wearing horse head mask for fun

Yesterday I sent you an email summarizing a Duke University study of various masks and their effectiveness in protecting us from COVID-19.   Mask Study Today, I want to let you know about my personal mask study.   My study asks three questions: What is the safest mask?  Which is the most fashionable mask?  What kind of…

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