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Help for Grief

Grief Counseling and the Enduring Burden of Loss

By Mark Sunshine | Nov 4, 2019

I have suffered the loss of close family members, and, while I have gotten used to the passing of my loved ones, I have never gotten over it. Some days, it seems to me that the funerals of my parents, Aunts and Uncles, Nephew and close friends were just yesterday, and I am overwhelmed with…

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Beware of fraud when buying your cremation

How To Avoid Funeral And Cremation Scams

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 25, 2019

Learn The Do’s And Don’ts Purchasing a funeral or cremation for yourself, or a loved one, is vastly different than all other consumer purchases. The combination of grief, fear and loss makes everyone vulnerable. Unscrupulous funeral directors regularly take advantage of customer vulnerability to take advantage of customers. They use high-pressure sales techniques designed to…

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The super rich have funeral needs also

Funerals For The Super-Rich

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 25, 2019

Ever Wonder What People With Lots Of Money Do When They Die? A few days ago I came across an article that was written by Jason Sheeler of the Telegraph (a London based newspaper).  Unfortunately it is behind paywall, so I thought I would give you a synopsis The article details burial and funeral trends…

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Cremation memorial options

Cremation Provides Families Funeral and Memorial Service Choices

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 18, 2019

Among the most important reasons to choose cremation over a traditional burial is the flexibility in funeral service options provided by cremation. Many of these funeral service options may have little or no cost while still providing for a meaningful opportunity to say “goodbye” to a loved one who has passed. Among the types of…

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Cost Of Memorial Celebration Of Life Service

The Cost Of Memorial Celebration Of Life Service Can Be $0?

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 16, 2019

Almost every day we are asked, “Do I have to have a funeral service after I die?  After all, it is so expensive…” Our answer is “It is fine to do whatever you feel comfortable doing.  However, cost should not be a factor in the decision.”  Cost is never a good reason not to have…

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China is Innovating The Death Care Industry

The Internet Is Revolutionizing The Death Care Industry In China

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 14, 2019

Digital Technology has come to the death care industry in China. Just like in the United States, transparency created by the Internet is bringing prices down, increasing consumer information and awareness, and creating consumer-friendly competition. The Chinese death care industry historically has been government-owned and controlled. Local cemetery and funeral organizations were affiliated with The…

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All Cremations Are Individual Cremations

Do I Need To Pay More So That My Loved One Gets An Individual Cremation?

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 20, 2019

Cremations myths. There are so many! There is a popular belief that families need to pay extra to have an individual cremation and not have their ashes mixed with other people.  I am not sure where this popular fear originated but there is no reason to be concerned that any properly licensed cremation services provider…

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Returning Cremation Ashes

How Are Cremation Ashes Returned To The Family

By Mark Sunshine | May 20, 2019

If I could design a set of procedures that intentionally caused anxiety and insecurity, I don’t think I could design a more anxiety provoking process than the standard cremation process.  Loved ones are most often taken away, never to be seen again, and then ashes are returned to the family.  Families have no realistic way…

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Are pets cremated with humans? No!

Are Pets Cremated At The Same Time As Humans?

By Mark Sunshine | Apr 20, 2019

Another cremation myth. At least once a month someone asks me if peopel and pets are cremated at the same time and in the same furnace as humans.  This is an easy myth to bust.  No…pets are not cremated at the same time or in the same furnace as humans.  It is chargeable criminal offense…

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