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With deepest sympathy notecard

The Guide To Funeral Etiquette

By Mark Sunshine | Mar 9, 2021
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happy mixed breed dog portrait with a kitten on his head

The Daily Diary of Dogs and Cats

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 10, 2021

Are these the best of times or the worst of times? Do the simple things in life lift your spirits or are you struggling against the yoke of pandemic isolation and social uncertainty?   I believe it’s all attitude and perception. Please read to the end!! I guarantee that you will be laughing out loud…

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Beautiful red british shorthair cat and adorable pug with their owner. Portrait of beloved pets at home.

How Much Do You Love Your Beloved Pet?

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 10, 2021

Our pets are valued and loved members of our households. We can’t imagine living without our furry friends.     But what about eternity?  Can we enter eternal life with our pets (or at least their cremains)?     At Sunshine Cremation that answer is “yes.”      If requested, we can combine the previously cremated remains of pets…

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Lifestyle...This low angle close up shot, shows a person holding onto a wall mounted hand rail for support, while walking.

How To Make Home Safe For Seniors

By Obit Obit | Feb 3, 2021
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Portrait of funny dog Jack Russell Terrier and cheerful cat Scottish Straight isolated on white background

Sunshine Cremation Announces Canine Promotion!

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 26, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that effective immediately, Isaiah has been promoted to the position of Canine Partner.  The below picture was taken right after Isaiah was informed of his promotion.  You can obviously see the excitement on his face!! Isaiah has distinguished himself by working hard to lick as many customers as possible and…

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Picture of heart with salt around it

The Salt Primer-What Is Kosher Salt?

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 11, 2021

It has been several decades since I used salt on a daily basis.  Other than knowing that salt makes tequila taste better, I have never given the popular seasoning much thought.  Unfortunately, there was a recent “cooking incident” where I suggested to my wife that we use Epsom salt rather than some sort of gourmet…

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What Do Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer’s Have In Common?

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 11, 2021

According to my wife and kids, I snore. I have never heard myself snore, but they say I snore. As reported by Medical News Today, this is very bad news because there is a high correlation between snoring and the development of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.  In post-mortem examinations of human brains, the part of the…

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3 Pink ribbons for breast cancer.

A Breakthrough That Will Spare Women Unnecessary Mastectomies.

By Mark Sunshine | Dec 15, 2020

Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School have developed a new diagnostic procedure to distinguish recurrent breast cancer from non-recurring forms.  It is important that breast cancer is diagnosed early (stage 0) for this diagnostic procedure to be effective.    The test uses a computer program to recognize the difference between the two types…

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fat dog couch potato eating a popcorn, chocolate, fast food and watching television. Parody of a lazy person

Bad News For Aging Couch Potatoes

By Mark Sunshine | Dec 14, 2020

I just read some awful news for aging couch potatoes like me.    Our ability to lose weight is not affected by age!! This is horrible because I have been using my creeping seniority as an excuse for lack of weight loss for most of my life.    I told my wife and kids that…

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