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Travel Insurance Makes Sense

Travel Assurance Makes Good Cents!

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 16, 2018

Lock In Your Cost Ahead Of Time Purchasing your prepaid funeral/cremation arrangements is one of the kindest and most financially responsible things you can do for your family. Not only do you lock in the cost of your funeral/cremation at today’s prices (rather than future inflated and higher prices), you help your loved ones’ cope…

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Cremation Blog: I Can't Afford to Die

“I Can’t Afford To Die!!”

By Mark Sunshine | May 6, 2018

I Can’t Afford To Die! I have heard too many people tell me that they cannot afford to die because of funeral costs.   What are typical funeral costs?  According to experts, a funeral in South Florida, including burial plot, funeral home, casket and miscellaneous items can run as much as $10,000 per person.  For…

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Cremation Blog: Don't Leave The Dead Behind

Don’t Be Afraid To Leave Your Deceased Loved Ones Behind

By Mark Sunshine | Apr 27, 2018

Don’t Leave The Dead Behind One of the strongest human instincts is to take our dead with us when we move from one place to another.   Our instincts are simple. We don’t want our ancestors to be by themselves or forgotten. If we have to move, we still want to be able to visit…

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Cremation Blog: “If Today Were Your Last Day?” Time passes for us all.

“If today was your last day | And tomorrow was too late” Last Day Of Life

By Mark Sunshine | Mar 19, 2018

If Today Were Your Last Day of Life Chad Robert Turton (a/k/a Chad Kroeger) wrote a song that asked the seemingly simple, yet incredibly complex, question on behalf of the Canadian rock group Nickelback: What would you do “…if today were your last day and tomorrow was too late?” Every time I hear these words…

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Cremation Blog: Baptist Church

Is Cremation An Acceptable Practice Among Baptists?

By Mark Sunshine | Mar 12, 2018

Baptist Cremation While cremation is an individual choice, and not all Baptists want to be cremated, there are no major leadership bodies that an Baptist cremation. To the extent that a funeral service is held, cremation may take place either before or after the funeral service. The late Reverend Billy Graham, verified that cremation is an…

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Figure of Winnie the Pooh and hunny pot.

It’s Painful To Say Goodbye

By Mark Sunshine | Mar 12, 2018

It’s Painful To Say Goodbye Most people don’t realize how much effort it takes to write something that is simple yet meaningful. Yet, the author of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Miline, was able to communicate the meaning a message that readers at any age could understand. That is one of love, friendship, responsibility and profound…

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Cremation Blog: St. Patrick's Cathedral

Roman Catholic Church Allows Cremation

By Mark Sunshine | Mar 9, 2018

The Roman Catholic Church Allows Cremation Since 1963, the Vatican has allowed Roman Catholics to choose cremation as an acceptable option. As recently as 2016, the Roman Catholic Church reaffirmed its support for cremation, specifying legitimate situations, such as sanitary, economic or social considerations. But, cremation is not acceptable if it is an expression of…

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