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Drinking Water Doesn’t Help With A Hangover

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 7, 2021

I Have Some Devastating News… According to Patrick Schmitt (a molecular biologist), drinking water doesn’t help with a hangover!!! “It’s a misconception that drinking water helps you avoid a hangover,” said Schmitt. The commonly held belief that a hangover will be cured by drinking a lot of water is based upon a 1950s study that…

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than FREE!!

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 5, 2021

Sunshine Cremation Services is offering free cremation to anyone who is accepted into our program and donates their body to medical education and research (after death).   Our offer is “for real” – in exchange for doing something good for others, you get a free cremation.   That’s right; if you agree to help advance medical knowledge…

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What Are Death Certificates and Why Do You Need Them?

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 5, 2021

I know that this isn’t the most fun topic I have ever emailed you about, but it is still important.     Death certificates are some of the least understood legal documents in America.     What is a certified Florida death certificate? Death certificates are official legal documents issued by Florida that certify an individual’s date,…

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It’s True!!! I Know How To Reduce Your 10-Year Risk Of Dying By 50% to 70%

By Mark Sunshine | Sep 24, 2021

There is a simple formula to reduce your 10-year risk of dying by 50% to 70%.  How To Reduce Your Risk? Just walk a lot.  That’s it. Just walk a lot.    According to a study conducted and supported by a group of premier research institutions In this cohort study of 2110 adults, participants taking at…

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What Makes A Meaningful Yom Kippur?

By Mark Sunshine | Sep 9, 2021

I’ve been a Jew for a long time (a really long time).    Every year that I can remember, I have been asked what is a meaningful Yom Kippur fast? Even when I was a child, my Rabbi (and next-door neighbor) used to ask me this question, as if I knew the answer.  Years later, I became…

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A Quick Reference Guide To Wakes, Funerals, And Memorial Services

By Mark Sunshine | Aug 23, 2021

Wake, Funeral and Memorial Service Defined Unless you have suffered from the loss of a close relative and were responsible for planning the funeral, it is very possible that you don’t know the different terms used in the funeral industry. After all, funerals are not a fun topic for casual day-to-day conversation, and why would…

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Buzz Lightyear Helps With Pushy Cemetery Salespeople

By Mark Sunshine | Aug 20, 2021

As you may know, I am relatively new to the death services industry and not a licensed funeral director.   Unfortunately, sometimes industry veterans think that they can take advantage of me because I am a relative rookie.     This recently happened at a large commercial for-profit cemetery.   The cemetery manager, for whom I was doing…

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Medical records

New Federal Rules Regarding Patient Access To Medical Records

By SunshineK12Smith | Aug 4, 2021

Learn Your Rights Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to provide access to medical records both while a patient is alive and after death.   Almost every week, I speak to a family whose loved one died, was denied access to medical records, and has no idea why their loved one passed. This is both an ethical wrong and…

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#1 Yelp Rated and Most 5-Star Google Reviews

By Mark Sunshine | Jul 30, 2021

Affordable and Dignified Sunshine Cremation’s prepaid and at-need cremation plans are designed to be all-inclusive, dignified, and affordable.    While our plans are value-oriented, we are never “cheap” and always attempt to provide a dignified service.   These are just two reasons that Sunshine Cremation is #1 Yelp Rated and has the most 5-Star Google Reviews of…

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