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Closeup of a "Reset Password" web button with a mouse arrow on a computer screen.

Change Your Passwords Often

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 14, 2021

Cyber thieves are targeting consumer passwords and accounts.   Earlier this month approximately 8.4 billion consumer and small business passwords were stolen and published online. This means essentially all consumer and small business passwords in the entire world are potentially compromised.  The news of this password breach is a little worse than it appears on its face.  This…

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Closeup image of a cicada on leaves. Cicadas will spend up to 17 years underground as larvae before hatching. They are known as one of the loudest insects.

Don’t Eat Cicadas if Allergic to Shellfish

By Mark Sunshine | Jun 14, 2021

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.   A few days ago, the FDA felt the need to warn people with shellfish allergies not to eat cicadas.   I have a simpler suggestion – DON’T EAT CICADAS EVER!!! According To The New York Times… The advice from the Food and Drug Administration comes as the current group of cicadas, known as Brood…

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Emperor Marcus Aurelius

The Ancient Teaching of a Roman Emperor Can Help Now

By Mark Sunshine | May 10, 2021

There are no two ways about it…the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and current political unrest has affected us all, regardless of religion, political party, or financial means.   While it feels like these times are unique, that isn’t true.  In many ways, we are reliving a dark period of the Roman Empire.   From AD166 to AD180,…

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vaccine for injection with syringe for infected patient treatment and for immunization of non infected people

“New Age” Vaccines May Cure Cancer And Are In Clinical Testing

By Mark Sunshine | Apr 30, 2021

I believe everyone should view the recent video made by the Head of Moderna.  He explains how RNA-based vaccines are changing the practice of medicine far beyond infectious disease control.   The bottom line is Moderna believes it is on the verge of curing many types of cancer, and most viruses, with its new RNA-based vaccine…

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With deepest sympathy notecard

The Guide To Funeral Etiquette

By Mark Sunshine | Mar 9, 2021
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happy mixed breed dog portrait with a kitten on his head

The Daily Diary of Dogs and Cats

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 10, 2021

Are these the best of times or the worst of times? Do the simple things in life lift your spirits or are you struggling against the yoke of pandemic isolation and social uncertainty?   I believe it’s all attitude and perception. Please read to the end!! You Will Laugh Out Loud I guarantee that you…

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Beautiful red british shorthair cat and adorable pug with their owner. Portrait of beloved pets at home.

How Much Do You Love Your Beloved Pet?

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 10, 2021

Our pets are valued and loved members of our households. We can’t imagine living without our furry friends.     But what about eternity?  Can we enter eternal life with our pets (or at least their cremains)?     At Sunshine Cremation that answer is “yes.”      If requested, we can combine the previously cremated remains of pets…

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Lifestyle...This low angle close up shot, shows a person holding onto a wall mounted hand rail for support, while walking.

How To Make Home Safe For Seniors

By Mark Sunshine | Feb 3, 2021
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Portrait of funny dog Jack Russell Terrier and cheerful cat Scottish Straight isolated on white background

Sunshine Cremation Announces Canine Promotion!

By Mark Sunshine | Jan 26, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that effective immediately, Isaiah has been promoted to the position of Canine Partner.  The below picture was taken right after Isaiah was informed of his promotion.  You can obviously see the excitement on his face!! Isaiah has distinguished himself by working hard to lick as many customers as possible and…

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