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20% of Unexplained Sudden Cardiac Deaths Maybe From Bad Genes.

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 25, 2021

It appears that approximately 20% of unexplained sudden cardiac deaths actually have a straightforward explanation – bad genes.   You can read more about the findings of a University of Maryland Medical School researcher by clicking here and here.   But, how do you find out if you have bad genes before becoming a statistic?   This Topic Is…

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A Simple Primer On Wills And When To Use Them.

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 22, 2021

Types Of Wills Did you know that there are at least three types of wills?   Most people don’t.   From their names, you might think that the three most common types of wills are all similar; you couldn’t be more wrong.   There is no connection between the three types of wills other than the similarity in…

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Open Bible ,The Book of Ecclesiastes

Do you know why February 24th or October 5th are important dates in history?

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 7, 2021

I Bet You Don’t Know Without reading this article, I bet you don’t know why I am asking what happened on February 24, 1955, or October 5, 2011.  I will tell you, but in the meantime, I want to talk about the Book of Ecclesiastes. If you need a quick and superficial “pick me up,”…

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Drinking Water Doesn’t Help With A Hangover

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 7, 2021

I Have Some Devastating News… According to Patrick Schmitt (a molecular biologist), drinking water doesn’t help with a hangover!!! “It’s a misconception that drinking water helps you avoid a hangover,” said Schmitt. The commonly held belief that a hangover will be cured by drinking a lot of water is based upon a 1950s study that…

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than FREE!!

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 5, 2021

Sunshine Cremation Services is offering free cremation to anyone who is accepted into our program and donates their body to medical education and research (after death).   Our offer is “for real” – in exchange for doing something good for others, you get a free cremation.   That’s right; if you agree to help advance medical knowledge…

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Death Certificate with pen. Close-up of top of certificate

What Are Death Certificates and Why Do You Need Them?

By Mark Sunshine | Oct 5, 2021

I know that this isn’t the most fun topic I have ever emailed you about, but it is still important.     Death certificates are some of the least understood legal documents in America.     What is a certified Florida death certificate? Death certificates are official legal documents issued by Florida that certify an individual’s date,…

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It’s True!!! I Know How To Reduce Your 10-Year Risk Of Dying By 50% to 70%

By Mark Sunshine | Sep 24, 2021

There is a simple formula to reduce your 10-year risk of dying by 50% to 70%.  How To Reduce Your Risk? Just walk a lot.  That’s it. Just walk a lot.    According to a study conducted and supported by a group of premier research institutions In this cohort study of 2110 adults, participants taking at…

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Yom Kippur colorful card with shofar

What Makes A Meaningful Yom Kippur?

By Mark Sunshine | Sep 9, 2021

I’ve been a Jew for a long time (a really long time).    Every year that I can remember, I have been asked what is a meaningful Yom Kippur fast? Even when I was a child, my Rabbi (and next-door neighbor) used to ask me this question, as if I knew the answer.  Years later, I became…

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A Quick Reference Guide To Wakes, Funerals, And Memorial Services

By Mark Sunshine | Aug 23, 2021

Wake, Funeral and Memorial Service Defined Unless you have suffered from the loss of a close relative and were responsible for planning the funeral, it is very possible that you don’t know the different terms used in the funeral industry. After all, funerals are not a fun topic for casual day-to-day conversation, and why would…

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