PreNeed Travel Assurance

For a limited time, with the purchase of a prepaid cremation plan, you can get travel protection for $200 a savings of $200 that ensures all transportation costs are taken care of if death occurs away from the home.

*Additional charges may apply.

Travel Assurance is smart planning.

A large percentage of deaths result in the deceased having to be returned to Florida from another state for cremation and/or burial.

Travel Assurance Provides Peace of Mind

  • Return Of your remains

    Return of your remains when you are 75 miles or more away from your legal residence.

  • Fully portable

    The insurance policy is tied to you: if you transfer your PreNeed agreement, your policy will follow.

  • Easy transportation

    Arrange for the transportation of the deceased to their funeral services company. 

    Prepare all documents, including customs documents - anywhere in the world.

  • Simple and Convenient

    No claim forms, no deductions, no age limits, no health questions.

    Guaranteed issue with no transport dollar limits.

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