Alan "Woody" Woodin

August 23, 2019


Alan “Woody" Woodin

Alan "Woody" Woodin passed away August 23, 2019. Whether you knew him as Alan, Woody, or Mr. Woody he lived his life to entertain, make people happy and laugh. The world is a bit less fun, funny and definitely not as corny.

In his life working at Steel Pier, Korvette, R & W Jewelers, The Philly School District, putting on Kiddie Parties, A Night at the Races or Trivia & Nostalgia shows, Woody only wanted to make people enjoy life as he did. People gravitated to him. We like to refer to him as the unofficial mayor of the beaches in Ventnor or Margate and at the pools in Jersey and Delray. He loved to tell stories about all the celebrities he met while at Steel Pier and in our family jewelry store. He was thrilled when he was the center of attention and so happy having people enjoy all of his stories.

He also LOVED old-time westerns, game shows and the Miss America Pageant. He cried watching all of them! In fact, he was so sensitive, he cried at commercials! 

Most of all he loved his family, especially his wife of 58 years! They met before they were teenagers and he kept her entertained all those years. His wife was always his best audience, mostly because she couldn’t get a word in edgewise!

It took a 5-week stint in the ICU, and many major medical problems he so valiantly fought, to finally silence him. Let's all remember his stories, corny jokes or the times he made us smile, so he can always live on.

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Boca Raton, FL 33434

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