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Jaime J. Velasquez

March 11, 2022

Your unexpected passing has devastated our Hearts!

Jaime J. Velasquez age 91, died peacefully at his home on the early morning of March 11, 2022. He is survived by his wife Luz Elena Velasquez and his two sons, James Velasquez & Henry Velasquez.

Jaime was born on December 26, 1930, in Medellin, Colombia. Where he grew up and got married in 1958 to our mother Luz Elena Velasquez. His Adventuress spirit led him into migrating to the USA, where our family has been established and entrenched their roots in the American culture all thanks to the hard work, Dreams, and Hopes of one great man. That great spirit will continue to live within us.

Jaime was a devoted father, husband, and practicing Catholic. He has inspired and had a powerful influence on every generation in our family especially those who were born in America and admired his courage and his selflessness.

He will always be a part of this family by the ones he loved and supported. He became a good example of how to live. With all our love and pride to be their sons. We should say, see you soon DAD because in our hearts you will live forever!!   

My father's passing comes with great sorrow for my mother Luz Elena, my brother James and me, Henry. He was loved & respected by everyone that knew him.

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