Kirsten B. Gardner

June 21, 2020

Kirsten B. Gardner pic  Kirsten B. Gardner pic

Kirsten B. Gardner, age 24, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on June 21, 2020. His sudden death left everyone who knew and loved him saddened and shocked.

He was originally from the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda but last resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Kirsten was born on June 10th, 1996 in the city of St John’s on the island of Antigua. He spent most of his life in Antigua as a young boy where he attended Elementary and High School until he became a teenager.

At age 18, he migrated to the United States after his high school graduation. He then enrolled in college working towards a Bachelor’s Degree.

He was a very adventurous and energetic guy who loved sports such as track and field and yacht racing. He spent the earlier parts of his adult career in the yachting industry for which he always shared a genuine love. He then later tried working in Sales, Import and Export, and the Plumbing Industry.

He then transitioned into the Trucking industry where he earned his Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and was able to use his adventurous spirit to travel all around the United States. Kirsten used his truck driving skills to transport freight from Maine to Florida, throughout the east coast and the majority of the central United States.

Kirsten leaves behind his daughter, Kaycee, whom he loved very much. He also leaves behind his mother, father, two brothers, and his two sisters along with a host of extended family members in the Caribbean, North America, and the United Kingdom.

He was a witty, intelligent, and fun-loving person. He was always finding a way to make everyone around him laugh. He will be greatly missed.

May his soul rest in peace.

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